Xclef HD-800 Battery replacement and capacity upgrade

also known as: Digital Mind Corporporation DMC800, Boghe Vip20,
Trekstar iBeat 500, Asono Soundhub


The original battery is replaced and the HD-800 modified to accept a higher capacity Lithium Polymer cell, significantly extending the already generous 16 hour play time to around 20 hours.
Does your Xclef HD-800 MP3 player have any of the following symptoms:  
  - Battery doesn't last very long  
  - Takes a long time to show 100% charge  
  - Charges up very fast, but then won't start  
  - Plays only while on power adaptor  
  - Is over 2 years old  
  - Won't start when cold  
  - Shows "Low Battery" alarm and shuts off  

We can supply and install a new upgraded battery to repower your Xclef HD-800 MP3 player. Now that Multi Channel Labs no longer support this product, the spare parts are extremely difficult to obtain.
The Xclef HD-800 player needs to be modified internally to accept the new generation Lithium Polymer cell, which will not only give your player a new lease of life, but increase it's play time to around 20 hours (exact time depends upon various factors).


Price includes: New Battery, HD-800 modification, installation and return Intl Postage.

N.Z. Dollars: $ 90  
Australian Dollars: $ 90  
US Dollars: $ 70  
British Pounds: £40  
Euro: Eur 50  
Prices are current at time of posting, but may vary due to exchange rates. Please "contact us" for an updated quote before sending your player.

We do NOT offer a repair service as such, and if the player is faulty due to a reason other than the battery, we cannot repair it!
We apologise for this, but as we cannot get a source of spare parts, it is beyond our control.

Please download a "service request form ", fill in your details, and send with your player.
Please "contact us" for an updated quote before sending your player.

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